Checkatrade – The Ultimate Partner in Finding the Right Professional

Check a trade is a reputable online directory that helps individuals to find reliable professionals who can get the job done. Because of the kind of business environment that we find ourselves in, telephone directories and friends recommendations may not be trustworthy anymore. Rogue and inexperienced traders have taken advantage of these mechanisms to advance their malicious intents.

How It Works
Checkatrade operates a directory of trades and services covering different fields and professions. These trades are usually vetted through different avenues such as insurance status verification, professional memberships and education qualifications. In addition, they are monitored on a continuous basis to ensure that they maintain and improve on their standard of operation and service delivery. Clients can call the Trade Appraisal Line at any time or alternatively view details of recommended and vetted trades from the directory. Once they pick the professional and are satisfied with the work done, they leave a feedback which helps check a trade in updating the profile of the concerned trade.
The Reason Behind Its Success Through the power of partnerships, checkatrade ensures that trades find the right clients to work for on one hand and clients find the right trades to get their job done on the other. This prevents rogue and incompetent market participants.